MusXchange 2018-20: EFNYO's programme for fostering transnational mobility, strengthening of skills and audience building for pre-professional musicians in Europe

EFNYO's application under the EU Creative Europe programme for a Cooperation Project 2018-20 (small scale/cat. 1) was approved in July 2018. EFNYO was awarded a 50% co-finance rate under this strand.
The new programme runs from July 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020. Together with EFNYO as co-ordinator and 12 project partners (P2-WJO, P3-JONDE, P4-OFJ, P5-JOA, P6-NJO, P7-OGI, P8-ORT, P9-NYOS, P10-CYSO, P11-MNYO, P12-BJO, P13-SYO), further 28 associated partners and 9 networking partners involving a total of more than 40 countries. The joint activities happen within well-established, but also new and innovative formats, ranging from mobility projects in symphonic projects to bi-lateral and multilateral chamber music projects, internships with professional orchestras, workshops for managers, intensive bootcamps for young musicians, and new centres of performance, resources and excellence.