MusXchange Bootcamp for Musicians, Oct. 27 - 29, London

After its successful launch in Glasgow in 2015, a second bootcamp for musicians took place between Oct. 27th - 29th, 2016, in London. The focus of the three-day bootcamp was laid on musical entrepreneurship The meeting was organised in cooperation with Helena Gaunt (vice-principal at the Guidhall School of Music and Drama) and took place under the guidance of experienced trainers of  GSMD and Cause4, a social enterprise for developing innovative and enterpreneurial programmes for charities, social and arts companies. .

15 musicians from 9 different EFNYO orchestras participated in the bootcamp, where they received coaching on the following topics: communication and PR, budgeting, business canvas, pitching and presentation skills. Presentations and training sessions were held by renowned trainers - Helena Gaunt, Lucy George, Amanda Rigali, Michelle Wright and Frances Tipper

The bootcamp was concluded with musicians' pitching sessions in front of EFNYO managers and trainers. Each musician had to make a very short presentation of his/her own project in order to convince the audience to take interest and invest in his/her project. 

Sessions were filmed for a documentary on the experiences of both managers and musicians, and interviews were held with participants and trainers.