MusXchange Bootcamp for Musicians, Sept. 24 - 27, 2015, Glasgow

The bootcamp as a new training format for musicians was launched in 2015 under the third MusXchange cycle. A first experience was offered with the MusXchange musicians' bootcamp on "Audience building and outreach skills", which took place between Sept. 24th - 27th, 2015, in Glasgow, Scotland. The host of the meeting was our Scottish member orchestra, the National Youth Orchestras of Scotland, and its chief executive Joan Gibson. The workshops for musicians were held in cooperation with Live Music Now, Scotland, its director Carol Main (“Inspiring musicians – Transforming lives”), and a number of experienced trainers and LMN musicians.

The bootcamp gathered 15 musicians from 7 EFNYO orchestras for a genuine European bootcamp with training sessions on audience development and outreach skills. Musicians formed various chamber music ensembles, rehearsed together and performed for different audiences including moderation and engaging with audiences in two concert settings - "Early Years" and "Elderly People and Care". In addition, one a session gave insight into managing yourself/your ensemble as a small business - "Fixer’s Friends".